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The PBIS Tier One Handbook
A Practical Approach to Implementing the Champion Model

Authors: Jessica Djabrayan Hannigan & Linda Hauser

This interactive book helps teachers and administrators develop an RTI behavior system at their school or district that is practical and easy to implement and demonstrates positive change in behavioral and academic data. The authors have researched RTI behavior for several years and understand that although there has been a lot of work in this area, none other has provided a comprehensive step-by-step implementation and sustainability process that works for elementary, middle, high school, and alternative educations settings. A team member (teacher or administrator) can read this book and immediately begin implementation of the PBIS Champion Model System at their school site and begin to see changes in school culture in the first month of implementation.  

The model proposed is different from any other model. The key to the PBIS Champion Model System is practicality: It works for teachers, administrators, and school staff in all settings. The model has proven to reduce referrals, suspensions, and expulsions. It is a multi-tiered system with layered levels of support designed to teach behavior similar to how academics are taught in every setting. The examples in this book are real and highlight elementary, middle, high school, and alternative education schools that have implemented this model and witnessed significant changes in their school culture and discipline data.
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PBIS Champion Model System